Tennis tips

When the world's best tennis players take the court in New York for the US Open, 9-year-old Gabby Price will be watching closely -- because this tenni...


11-year-old tennis prodigy Gabriella Price shows you the secrets behind her winning serve. A top protege of world-reknown tennis instructor Rick Macci...


Gabby's terrific performance in a practice session.

"When they are scurring…you’re hurrying."

"Angle the angle."

"Time your split, explode and hit."

"Laziness is the X factor that destroys talent."

"A bad temper is a real key to failure."

"The ball is only as low as you make it."

"Use your legs to hit shots not your hands."

"Truly love + enjoy + want pressure."

"Believing is magic."

"Greatness – It is the most unique and different quality in life ….So is thinking different."

"What is Good? What is Great? Good and Great is compared to who?"

"Attack the ball with your feet."

"Tennis and Real Estate have something in common…Rotation…Rotation…Rotation."

"Find the slot, rip the shot."

"Show me a player who hits the big shot when it counts and I’ll show you courage."

"It’s not how much you know. It’s what you don’t know and want to know."

"Everybody isn’t a winner, but everybody can be a winner."

"Show me a player with incredible balance and you’re in the right sport."

"It’s OK to get knocked down. What happens next says it all."

"If you dig deep, you might find oil, but most of all you’ll find success."

"Elbow up…flow and go."

"Way down, Way up."

"Left side, Right side."

"If you stay in the box, you can’t think out of the box."

"Believing is so, so powerful – so is doubt. Now you choose."

"Everything starts with attitude – So why be negative?"

"If you want to be a true champion, start changing your attitude today."

"Calmness and Intensity are the ultimate combination in competition."

"Believing leads to achieving."

"Tennis is a game. Games are fun! Enjoy the battle."

"If you believe you will achieve."

"You play with your skill, but you really win with your will."

"Pop the corn…extra butter."

"Elbow extension, relieve the tension."

"It starts from the ground if you want to be sound."

"If you always play nervous just buy a ticket and just watch."

"It is OK to be nervous just don’t ever, ever, be afraid."

"Negative people get negative results."

"A bad attitude is a real key to failure."

"The mind is either for you or against you."

"Little Steps = Big Results"

"Sweat, Pain, Determination – That’s a start."

"Good is Pretty Good, Greatness is the goal."

"No fear – A big key to greatness."

"To achieve greatness – It starts with responsibility."

"Mental toughness is hitting 3 double faults in a row, then hitting an ace."

"If you read this sign, that’s a good sign."

"Be ready so you don’t have to get ready because you’re already ready."

"It’s better to ask the coach a lot of questions, then to have all the answers."

"If you love, just love to compete, you’re a real competitor."

"Some players see the clouds and storms of the match. Champions see the sun peeking through."

"If you think someone is unbeatable, they have just become even better."

"Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong – Who is next?"

"If you don’t love to run, please take up golf."

"If your opponent’s serve is really fast, slow it down in your mind."

"All greatness has to come from you and you alone."

"If you did a good job, that is a big difference than a great job."

"Attack the 2nd serve. If you really, really have courage."

"If you stay after practice and hit serves, your mind gets better than your serve."

"There is not a wrong way or right way. There is a better way."

"If you’re afraid to volley, please take up checkers or something."

"If you reach for the stars, you just might become one."

"Players who quit are getting better at quitting."

"Players who say “I can’t” – Won’t"

"Always be ready, then you don’t have to get ready."

"A positive attitude is more positive than any stroke."

"You control the situation, don’t let the situation control you."

"It’s easy to be a pro. To make a great living as a pro – That’s a different goal."

"Believe and act, it is impossible to fail."

"Attitude – A positive one is the platform for success."

"The past is the past. Today is the day."

"Step up or step out, or get stepped on."

"Flash sells tickets – substance wins matches."

"No excuses, ever, ever, ever."

"The fences are out – Run."

"If you ever want to play up to your ability, let it happen."

"Try not to try – so relax."

"Players with great attitudes don’t lose, they learn."

"If your feet are always moving, you’re in the right sport."

"Anybody can come close. Closing on anybody is closure."

"A brain, heart, and courage – You don’t need to see the Wizard to develop these."

"Winners find a way, losers find an excuse."

"You might win the battle, but lose the war. Think bigger."

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra."

"I will never, never be broken down by anybody – Never Ever."

"Thing Big – Be Big."

"If you Believe it, Feel it, See it, Smell it – It will happen."

"I have no doubt that I will reach my goal – No doubt."

"If you refuse to accept anything but your best – You very often get it."

"Rule #1 – Run for every ball….Rule #2 – See Rule #1."

"A smart coach or player is smart because he knows he’s not that smart."

"Dreams do come true, but so do nightmares. So hit the ball."

"Tennis is a game of inches from one ear to the other."

"A true winner refuses to be denied – That is Attitude."

"Love the battle. That is a real competitor."

"You only have control over right now."

"The strong get stronger and the weak get weaker."

"If you run for every ball – You’re sending a message."

"Well done is better than well said."

"Fear is an illusion."

"Play the ball – don’t let it play you."

"Winners find a way."

"If someone says you can’t do it – It is so fulfilling to prove them wrong."

"Play every ball."

"Hit out, Hit out, Hit out and it will go in, in, in."

"Believing is magic."

"The blame game is a game all losers play. Just compete and shut up."

"Attitude can and will determine altitude."

"If you love to run, you’ll run into greatness."

"Just get the ball and keep your mouth shut."

"It is easy to get really upset, so stay positive to avoid the real upset."

"Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler."

"Pressure – Make it your best friend ever."

"Everyday you build positive or negative blocks. Get rid of the negative if you want greatness."

"The toughest game is the mind game – It is you against you. Good Luck."

"Excuses are OK if OK is the goal."

"The mind is the ultimate weapon – Make sure you don’t use it on yourself."

"If you have an unreal work ethic, that is only a start."

"I like the inside out forehand, I like what is inside better."

"If you think different – that’s a start to success."

"If you hate to lose, I mean really hate to lose – Now you’re a real competitor."

"You control the situation. Don’t let the situation control you."

"Would have, should have, could have – Please just get the job done."

"It shows what you are really made of when you lose."

"Intensity – You can feel it through the net."

"It is the quality of the consistency not just being consistent."

"Let it happen – Not make it happen."

"One athlete with courage makes a majority."

"Breathe out when you hit and you’ll be a breath of fresh air."

"Be positive and confident when the world is against you. Not just when it’s for your."

"Step up or get Stepped on."

"Turn your shoulders first, and you’ll be first."

"Players who develop – Develop."

"The mind is never neutral – It’s either for you or against you."

"Hit the right shot from the right spot."

"Picture it in your mind before it happens."

"Show me a player with unreal persistence – I’ll show you a real competitor."

"If you think your opponent is great – You have no chance to beat him. Please don’t fear him."

"When you’re so tired that you can’t go any further, you may be in the round of 16."

"If you reach the mountaintop find a new one. Two are better than one."

"A powerful serve is a real weapon but the real weapon is your mind."

"If you play “out” balls, the ones “in” are a piece of cake."

"The best players have the best attitudes."

"If you keep pushing the ball – You’ll be a great 12 and under player. Hit the ball."

"If you play the ball, it doesn’t matter who is across the net."

"You’ve got to remember, but you also have to forget."

"Nothing comes from nothing."

"It is you against you. That is your toughest match ever."

"A good coach improves your game, a great one improves your life."

"Fear is crippling, build courage and belief – Monday through Sunday. No fear."

"When the world is against you – This is when greatness is discovered."

"To get the real edge – Practice on your day off."

"Life and tennis are like a boomerang. …Things just jump back at you."

"Feel like you are in a bubble and before you know it the match is over."

"Short little steps mean big strides to being in position."

"If there is no risk – There are no titles."

"Someday, somewhere, somebody will get your shot so think bigger."

"Players who say I can’t – See what they want to see."

"It’s mind over matter. If it matters to you how the mind works."

"It is easy to be good when things are good. I want you to be good when things are bad."

"It’s OK to follow the leader unless you want to be the leader."

"Persistence is the real X factor."

"Don’t get mad, get mad determined."

"Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."

"He who hesitates loses."

"Don’t wait – Go get it."

"Winners expect to win in advance."

"Goals are great to have – If great is the goal."

"Being ready is being ready before you should be ready."

"Show me a player who loves to compete on every point, and I’ll show you the definition of a competitor."

"If you never make excuses, your mind will grow stronger."

"When the world is against you – This is when greatness or failure is discovered."

"To get the real edge – Practice sometimes on your day off."

"Real determination is running over broken glass to get a ball."

"Real, real determination is running over broken glass to get a ball, then back over it to recover."

"What you think of yourself is more important than what your opponent thinks."

"Train your mind every day to be positive."

"If you make a mistake and don’t correct it – You just made another one."

"If you want a lot of trophies you can buy them. The feeling of victory is the real trophy."

"If you think something is impossible, it is for you."

"See it, feel it, smell it, touch it, do it."

"When the going gets tough, you should have been tougher earlier."

"When the going gets tough, it’s tough to get going, if you’re weak mentally."

"If every day you try to be better than the day before, you’re better off than the day before."

"There is a huge difference between a great hitter and a great player."

"Show me a player who does 100% everything like Pete Sampras, and I’ll show you Pete Sampras."

"Your mind is more powerful than any nuclear weapon because a mind built the weapon."

"There is a big difference between inspiration and desperation."

"No real pain, no blood stain."

"Players that make excuse are like the Number One, they always have one."

"It is a great sign if you read a great sign."

"If you wake up every morning, that alone should make you feel great.Day in and day out, you send a message about you to others and most of all to yourself. Stay positive."

"If you reach for the SKY, you can’t reach it but it’s not out of reach."

"Some people look at the exact same thing and see the exact opposite. See what I mean?"

"It isn’t hard to figure out why things get harder if you are hard headed."

"Some coaches stress a deep knee bend, I prefer a deep breath."

"Failure is really the one opportunity to plug in more intelligently."

"Getting tired is the worst excuse. Get your butt in shape."

"When your opponent is stretching, you’re fetching."

"If you ever really accept losing don’t enter, so you’ll stay tied for last."

"Second is unacceptable in tennis to a real champion."

"Concentration is having the maintenance man blowing off the sidewalks and you didn’t hear him."

"Tennis is like boxing, except you have a racquet instead of a glove, so be ready to move!"

"You need to build a foundation, if not the house falls down."

"Pressure has to be your best friend. If it is, you’ll deliver at crunch time."

"What you may see, is different than Rick MACCI."

"Hit and react, it is spelled HITREACT at The Macci Academy."

"If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail."

"If you do your homework, you have less work to do at home."

"Early preparation is the key. If you prepare, start to prepare early."

"If you give 100% on every point you’re kidding yourself, you can do better."

"Tennis is a game of time. It is either for you or against you."

"If you’re 100% ready to play, you’ll play 100% ready."

"If you quit, you get better at quitting."

"If you’re lazy, you get better at getting lazy."

"If you keep making excuses, you get better at making excuses."

"If you’re always negative, you get better at being negative."

"If you keep getting mad, you get better at getting mad."

"If you don’t run, you get better at not running."

"If you stand, you get better at standing."

"If you don’t bend, you get better at not bending."

"If you don’t adjust your feet, you get better at not adjusting."

"If you read this sign, you get better at reading this sign."